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Ohio is on the verge of becoming the next state to legalize medical marijuana for patients suffering from serious conditions. On Wednesday, after making a few minor tweaks to the... [Read More]
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CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Lawmakers in Ohio on Wednesday approved legislation that would legalize marijuana use for medical purposes under certain circumstances, less than a year after recreational marijuana use was soundly defeated by... [Read More]
A bill legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio cleared the Senate on Wednesday. [Read More]
In a video posted to Twitter, Gov. John Kasich said there might be big news coming to the Buckeye Lake area. [Read More]
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has scheduled a news conference for 10:30 a.m. on Thursday to provide an update on the Buckeye Lake dam project. Officials would not say more on Wednesday,... [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has become the latest Donald Trump rival to take a clenched-fist approach to the delegates he won during the primary season, moving this week to keep those delegates as... [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich is requesting that his delegates stay bound to him at the Republican National Convention in July. [Read More]
it's hard to do a merger." "If he changes, that's a whole new ballgame," he continued. Kasich is one of a handful of Republican governors who has yet to throw his... [Read More]
Twenty days after Ohio Gov. John Kasich quit the Republican race for the White House, he still expresses no regrets for the venture that defied many experts' expectations. [Read More]
A federal judge today temporarily blocked state officials from cutting off Planned Parenthood from more than $1.3 million in funding. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Barrett of Cincinnati barred Ohio Department of Health... [Read More]
Support for Mr Trump has risen since Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race... [Read More]
A few months ago a Democratic strategist and I were watching cable news. CNN had a story on the Republican primary fight between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio. "The... [Read More]
The Republican frontrunner sat down with Kelly on Fox Tuesday night shortly before winning the Oregon primary and admitted to regrets over his behaviorTrump projected winner in Oregon – election live Donald... [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination earlier this month, shut down any chance of a third party run, said no to being presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's... [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday he hasn't yet made up his mind on endorsing his former rival for the GOP presidential nomination Donald Trump. [Read More]
John Kasich signaled Monday that he still harbors deep uneasiness with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, declining to endorse him and reiterating that he will not serve as Trump's vice president. [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he's not going to run for president as a third-party candidate, dashing hopes he might return to the race after businessman Donald Trump become the Republican Party's presumptive... [Read More]
Ben Carson says Donald Trump's list of possible running mates includes some awfully familiar names for anyone who's followed the 2016 presidential race: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio... [Read More]
According to Carson, who was on Donald Trump's VP selection committee, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie... [Read More]
Where can the GOP go to find someone who can deter Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's run? You don't look within. That didn't work during the primaries with Ted Cruz, John Kasich or... [Read More]
Mitt, go home! You're taking crazy! Former 2012 Republican nominee is reportedly courting Ben Sasse and John Kasich for a ... [Read More]
Image source: Disney-ABC Television Group via Flickr.It's hard to believe that at one time last year we had approximately two-dozen contenders ready and raring to become the 45th President of the United States.... [Read More]
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Asim Haque will become the next Public Utilities Commission of Ohio chairman later this month, Gov. John Kasich's office said today. Haque, 36, who is now vice chairman, has been on the panel... [Read More]
The embattled governor originally endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich. [Read More]
Presumptive Republican nominee returns to Sunday talk showsEx-Alaska governor and 2008 VP pick Palin set to come out firing'I've been silent' – the trials of supporting Clinton at Harvard#ThanksObama: president's biggest legacy may... [Read More]
who have come out to endorse Trump, many celebrities are throwing their support behind the divisive businessman. Here are 22 celebrities and entertainment figures who are showing their support for him, from... [Read More]
wondering if there is anything they could have done to prevent this outcome. [Read More]
A John Kasich delegate said he is "unequivocally" not supporting Trump. [Read More]
As the Republican party's presumptive nominee, Donald Trump took on Hillary Clinton in a personal way Friday night, accusing her of mistreating women involved in her husband's past infidelity. "She would go... [Read More]
Many, many people dislike Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former MLB pitcher (and now disgraced MLB analyst) Curt Schilling. They're really perfect for each other. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for... [Read More]
A new fundraising pitch from the GOP that offers the picks for Donald Trump's vice presidential nominee omits House Speaker Paul Ryan and other popular choices including Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John... [Read More]
Could the race for the Republican presidential nomination have turned out differently? Sure, says Bloomberg columnist Megan McArdle. If Republican primary voters had rationally sought to pursue the goal of nominating as conservative... [Read More]
Ryan Lovelace Ted Cruz's presidential campaign manager is blaming Ohio Gov. John Kasich for the rise of Donald Trump. Jeff Roe, Cruz's campaign manager, tweeted on Friday that the governor's decision to... [Read More]
is the extent of the love Donald Trump is getting from top Ohio Republicans. Nobody shows enthusiasm for the GOP's pick for the White House. And several in Gov. John Kasich's home state... [Read More]
Gov. John Kasich signed the bill into law Friday. [Read More]
What even was John Kasich's sweaty, affronted, whatever-happened-to-the-responsible-grownups-in-this-party act if not an even more insulting and ahistorical version of "Make America Great Again"? When was the last time the Republican Party had responsible... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's campaign is using the presumptive Republican nominee's own words against him while seeking to brand the GOP as the 'Party of Trump' Democrats spent the last 10 months seeking to define... [Read More]

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